Republic of Lebanon
Monday 2nd - 02 - 2015
Learning rhythm through body movements and dance at FM Class
The Students' Oriental Orchestra
Getting acquainted with the Flute
Tuning the Violins
Admiring the Oud
Students' Rehearsals


Enrollment fees for 2014-2015:

  • 300.000 LP for each student.
  • In case of family enrollment:
    • 300.000 LP for the first child
    • 200.000 LP for the second child
    • 150.000 LP for each subsequent child
  • For non-Lebanese citizen:
    • 750.000 LP payable upon enrollment
  • For multiple enrollments, a fee of /200.000/ LL is payable for each subsequent enrollment per student.
  • For children of the conservatory staff members, the enrolment fees are as follows:
    • Free of charge for the first child
    • 75.000 LP for the second child
    • 125.000 LP for the third child
    • 150.000 LP for the fourth child
    • 175.000 LP for each subsequent child
  • A fee of 50.000 LP is payable to the ministry of finance.

All above mentioned fees are paid via Liban Post.

For New Students:

  • The Admissions Department must receive the application of new students between June 1 and 30.
  • Minimum age allowed for applying is 8 years old.(birthday date 2005).
  • Students must bring a photocopy of their Id for this purpose.
  • Entrance exam dates will be between 1 and 6 of July. (Details will be announced soon).
  • Entrance exam result will be posted July 15.
  • Registration for the new students who are accepted will be between July 16 and August first.
  • Classes will begin directly after the registration and class distribution.
  • Required Documents:
    • Photocopy of the Id
    • Judicial record for 15 years old students and above.
    • 2 passport photos certified by the mair.
    • Medical report.

Any registration request before or after the above mentioned dates will be refused.

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