Republic of Lebanon
Saturday 13th - 07 - 2024



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logoSin El Fil

Address: Horsh Tabet, Near Hayek roundabout
Supervisor: Mrs. Hélène Aoun, Mr. Wissam Badr, Mrs. Georgette Semaan, Mr. David Estephan
Phone: 01 489 530
Fax: 01 500 996

logoZokak El Blat

Address: Near Riad El Solh Square, Facing the Grand Serail
Supervisor: Mrs. Faten Abou Antoun, Mr. Antoine Feghali, Mr. Amin Hijazi
Phone: 01 980 140, 01 980 717


Address: Monot Str. Ashrafieh
Supervisor: Mr. Ali Hojeij, Mr. Hani Adham, Mr. Maher Mezher
Phone: 01 217 289

logoBeer Hassan

Address: Facing Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium
Supervisor: Mrs. Rima al-Hajjar, Mr. Ramzi al-Souqi
Phone: 01 821 501


Address: Athenee Building - Haret Sakhr
Supervisor: Mr. Ghassan Assaad
Phone: 09 635 300


Address: Al Helaliya, Al Tadamon wal Tanmiya Building
Supervisor: Mr. Ali Fawwaz, Mrs. Rosana Habli
Phone: 07 736 187


Address: Al Basatin Area, Al Maarad Street, Kabbarah Building
Supervisor: Mr. Miled Al Bitar, Mr. Farid Rahme
Phone: 06 426 611


Address: Al Mashayekh District, Facing Lebanese Bank
Supervisor: Mr. Tamim Hilal
Phone: 05 556 090

logoDhour Choueir

Address: Near St. Elie Monastery
Supervisor: Mrs. Salwa as-Sayegh, Mr. Jean Aoun
Phone: 04 392 313

logoAin Saadeh

Address: Near Royal Park Hotel
Supervisor: Mr. Elias Damouni, Mr. Johnny Filifleh
Phone: 04 871 868


Address: Al Kulliya Al Sharqiya Building, Al Rasiya District
Supervisor: Mrs. Aida Younes, Mr. Joseph Assi
Phone: 08 802 208


Address: Shuf National College
Supervisor: Mrs. Suzanne Sleiman
Phone: 05 300 227


Address: Choueifat Municipality
Supervisor: Mr. Souhail Abou Hassan
Phone: 05 433 191


Address: Al Kalaa District, near Sayidat Al Saha Church
Supervisor: Mrs. Ghada Al-Jammal
Phone: 06 643 740


Address: Kfar Hatta, Near St. Catherine Church
Supervisor: Mrs. Antoinette Balhis
Phone: 03 471 272


Address: Raja' Collage, Near St. Taqla Church
Supervisor: Mrs. Therese Al Khoury
Phone: 03 898 430


Address: Rashaya - Hasbaya Main road, Lebanese University Building.
Supervisor: Mr. Jamal Mouhanna
Phone: 03 583 477

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