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 Guitar Audition


The Lebanese National Conservatory of Music invites you to the Guitar Students audition, on Tuesday March 31st, 16:00, Sin El Fil - Hall 'S'

Student Grade Professor Piece
Elie Nassar P M. T. Minassian Andante (F. Carulli)
Jad Mecheymche P M. Rahmé Tranquillo (Anonymous)
Kate Garabédian P M. T. Minassian Green Sleeves (Anyonymous)
Marc Selfani P P. Haddad Ya Laure Houbouki (Lebanese Song), Que ne suis-je la Fougère ? (Anonymous), Espagnaleta (G. Sanz)
Tony Rouhana P M. T. Minassian Estudio (M. Giuliani)
Alexandre Hanna I M. Rahmé Estudio (F. Carulli)
Ali Kandil I M. El Hajj Etude in A minor ((F. Carulli)
Cérine Saneh I M. Rahmé Moderato (D. Aguado)
Elio Nakhlé I M. Rahmé Etude in E minor (M. Carcassi)
Jeffrey Attieh I M. T. Minassian Etude (M. Giuliani)
Karl Iskandar I M. Rahmé Etude (M. Giuliani)
Mariane Rached I M. Rahmé Etude in A minor (M. Giuliani)
Thérèse Rassam I M. Rahmé Etude in A minor (M. Giuliani)
Christopher Cherfane II M. Rahmé Etude in E minor (A. Aguado)
Joanna Makhoul II M. T. Minassian Andante (F. Moli)
Joe Nassar II P. Haddad Etude (M. Giuliani)
Julie Salibi II M. El Hajj Petit Air du Brésil (Klaynjean)
Steven Chehade II M. Rahmé Etude in E minor (M. Giuliani)
Nadim Harb III P. Haddad Etude (L. Legnani)
Elio Mikhaël IV P. Haddad Etude No 1 (L. Brouwer)
Karen Boulos IV M. T. Minassian Etude No 7 (M. Carcassi)
Marc Jalbout IV P. Haddad Marietta (F. Tarrega)
Mariane Rizk IV M. A. Dorlian Feste Lariane (L. Mozzani)
Miled Khadra IV P. Haddad El Ultimo Tremelo (A. Barrios)
Johnny Jalbout V P. Haddad Etude No 1 (H. Villa-Lobos)
Georges Yamine V J. Beujékian Canarios (G. Sanz)
Michel Sébaali V M. A. Dorlian Etude No 25 (M. Carcassi)
Rouba Akiki V M. A. Dorlian Recuerdos (F. Tarrega)
Anthony Abel Massih VI M. A. Dorlian Sonata in E minor (D. Scarlatti), Campanas Del Alba (E. S. Maza)

Date of Issue: 31-03-2015

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